Meet Jake


Jake Silver was a sports fanatic and a placekicker on his High School football team when in 2016 at the age of 16; he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer found mostly in teenage boys. Jake underwent a femur resection which replaced his femur with a titanium round. While doing 29 rounds of chemotherapy, he was also in PT to learn to walk on the prosthetic. Jake's diagnosis put an end to playing football and many other sports. However, Jake would find a way to be involved and started to commentate, for the local TV station, all the sports that he was no longer able to play.

The summer cancer came back in one of his lungs. For the next year and a half, cancer kept coming back, and after another 6 months of chemo, 3 lung surgeries, another leg surgery, and radiation, it came back in his lung, hip, and leg. During Christmas 2018 Jake decided to have his leg amputated and start a trial drug. The day of Jake's surgery, January 8, 2019, Doctors told Jake and his family that the tumors in his lungs spread aggressively, surgery was not an option. Jake had only had 3-6 months to live.

Jake decided right then he was going to do just that, live. He put together a bucket list and worked on accomplishing it for as long as he had left. Unfortunately, that was only 6 weeks, and on February 22, 2019, Jake died at home.

Jake was an inspiration to many because of his determined outlook and his steadfast belief that he would beat cancer. He and his sister Halle talked about starting a foundation so that no kid would have to go through what he went through, and no sibling would endure what Halle had to endure. Thus, Jake's Team was born.

All funds donated to Jake's Team support 3 related efforts for children: research to help find cures for childhood cancer, support for siblings of kids with cancer who might feel left out, left behind or other emotions that they know they shouldn't feel but can't help or understand, and satin pillowcases for the comfort of those kids who lose their hair with chemotherapy.

By supporting Jake's Team, you are helping kids with cancer and their families and also helping to find new cures, so no other families go through this.