Jake’s Team


Jake's Team, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to help fund childhood cancer research and help support the kids and families it affects. Named after an 18-year-old boy, Jake Silver, who fought Osteosarcoma for three years but ultimately passed away from the same disease his uncle died from 40 years earlier as a child. Before Jake passed, he made his mom and sister promise to continue to raise money for childhood cancer so one day kids wouldn't die from cancer, and that is why Jake's Team exists and is the main drive behind it.



Jake's Team includes two other parts as well: Silver's Siblings and Kim's Cases. When Jake was sick in the hospital, he and his sister, Halle, decided that part of the funds should go to help siblings of kids with cancer. Jake knew that it wasn't just him going through everything; instead, it took a toll on the entire family, especially his younger sister. However, everyone focused on him, and he received all the gifts and letters and cards and attention for a younger sibling that is hard. So, Silver's Siblings is a way for siblings to get positive attention. All you have to do is fill out the form to refer a sibling of a child going through cancer treatments, and Silver's Siblings will send that child a gift and a letter.


Join us on June 22, 2019 for our 5K walk to kick-off the Jake's Team Foundation.

Stay tuned for our 1st annual corn hole tournament in September 2019.